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Version 2.0 is Now Available!

What is BITS?

  • It's FREE!
  • Programmer's aid for bit manipulation.
  • HTML aid in translating RGB to HEX, and HEX to RGB.
  • Create Image tags.
  • Generate lists of images.
  • ZDNet editors rated it 5 stars.

Bits lets Web developers and programmers deal with color values and numeric conversions. It converts RGB values into hex values, and then allows for pasting the hex value into an HTML document. Reversing the process is just as simple.

The HTML developer can choose a color by clicking on the color swatch area, and allowing Bits to convert the chosen color into hex. Bits can also convert hex to decimal and perform operations on the numeric value. The programmer may click on check boxes representing bits, enter numbers directly, and point and click for various operations.

Version 2.0 also allows you to generate an <img> tag by picking from a list. In addition, you can format entire lists of image data in various outputs including HTML, tab dilimited, comma separated.

Download BITS 2.0 Now

Prefer the old version?
BITS 1.7
Download BITS 1.7 Now

Problems? If BITS no longer appears on your screen,
and you changed screen resolutions,
try right-clicking on the Task Bar and selecting Cascade Windows.
Or, download this registry file, unzip it and double-click bits.reg

Special Thanks to my son, Jess Collicott and The Starman
who served as beta testers for version 2.0.

Check out the Starman's site.
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